But I just need.....

Over the years, I've seen a huge variety of problems and goals in my clients. This new focus of mine is my answer to the narrowness with which such problems are almost always addressed. (Even by rolfers!) Whether you're rehabilitate a bad back or trying for your personal best in your chosen sport, we all need the same things.

  • free and balanced joints
  • supple soft tissue
  • muscles that can tense and relax
  • a nervous system that can co-ordinate and connect those muscles
  • accurate awareness of what the movement needs to do
  • breath to fuel, focus, and relax
  • physiological fuel (diet, water, sleep)

These all sound simple, and yet after studying each of these facets of movement in great depth, I can say that most people only use about 25% of their capacity. Our culture regards compromised function in these areas as the expected norm, and normal function as amazing, superlative, extraordinary.

The results of improvement on all of these levels together is much more profound than merely getting out of pain, or setting a new record. How about moving beyond pain-free to rediscovering that movement and activity can be sheer pleasure? How about making training more than just avoiding injury and cranking out miles or reps, but truly increasing your physical intelligence, skill, and adaptability in all things.

To improve on all these levels, we must work on all of them, together....

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller