Jumping in.....

I am most passionate about relationships, about building bridges of experience with language and perspective. Modern society conjures gaps out of midair to keep knowledge and learning separate, orderly and logical, yet woefully inadequate. The world is rushing headlong toward itself, weaving connections and complexity more and more every day; our basic worldview would be most useful if it reflected that. When it does not, surprise, frustration and suffering result.

This pattern of assuming disconnection is an old one in this culture, and unfortunately quite pervasive. More information will not solve this; a change in perspective, in the quality of our experience, will. It doesn't have to be fuzzy at all. It needs to live solidly in the experiential world. Most of our thinking, filtering, and decisions about what is possible and what is best are made every moment in these lower layers of ourselves; The metaphors and stories must have life and take root there.

I'm very interested in the concrete questions:
* If I see a helpful point of view or want a skill, how do I put that on, how do I taste it?
* If I've learned something new, what does it mean to me, right now? How does it help me make decisions right now? How do I live accordingly?
* How do I most fully express and live what I know and believe? How am I most effective and able to expand and learn?
* How can I be most healthy on all levels?

It's not some information to learn, but a perspective, a qualitative change in the experience of living. My favorite question to ask, when regarding someone who exemplifies a quality or skill that calls me: what does the world feel like to them, that moving through it looks like that? They are not some fundamentally different creature, they just started from somewhere very different.

So, the story is not one of analysis and accumulation, but of change and expansion of context.

I believe deeply that we are all talking about the same game, the same basic experience from fundamentally different points of view. These different views can easily conflict if we assume that only one is true, but when we use different perspectives to triangulate, co-operation, mutual expansion, and an expanded perspective is the result.

Even more basic than any beliefs about how things work or what I have to offer, there is nothing that brings me more joy than expanding my awareness and perspective; as I expand, I find more happiness and satisfaction with my life.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller