The path to the dream

Lately I've been torn in a false dichotomy. It is sooo freeing to realize that small steps make a huge difference... I also need to honor the scope of my vision and the size of the possibilities I see before me. There's been a long period of vacillation back and forth, focusing on small steps then grand plans, neither really getting much traction. As with most paradoxes, things settled out when I could hold both at the same time.

The small steps require a larger context to give them direction and give me the fire to draw me out. The big view needs to be unfolded in the moment, felt in this context right now; It also needs the permission to experiment, to change as my perspective changes, as I expand my awareness and reach.

The word "focus" above is the issue, it seems. Too often it is taken as a narrowing of awareness, an exclusion of choices and increase in mental and perceptual rigidity. One of my teachers once talked about "General awareness, with attention to the particular." Developing the ability to discern minutely in a particular area without losing the overall picture is so useful; I believe it is also largely a kinesthetic (rooted in bodily awareness) skill.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller