Life is movement...Move better...


If you want change, if you want to get really good at change: graceful, natural, automatic, you need to develop it physically.

Comfort is is effortlessness, joy, commitment, compassion, vulnerability, love, and solidity.
If you want these things, especially if you want them under any circumstance no matter how challenging, you need to develop them physically.

We're going to get your chemistry and structure working for you in a whole new way. To support you as you are now, and as you are becoming.

Your self-awareness is going to explode and your comfort level with intensity will never be the same...

Being a warrior is not fancy words or noble thoughts...It is hard work and challenge, uncertainty and fear, and not letting any of those stop you. Using adversity to grow more than you thought possible. Seeing possibility in any circumstance. Having compassion in the face of aggression and destruction. Allowing the strength of vulnerability.

It's not body and mind, or even body/mind. It's YOU. There are many physical pursuits available; so few encompass subtlety, intensity and creativity in equal measure. This isn't specific practice or technique; you're going to learn how you work so that you can approach whatever you do and love with more freedom, depth and natural skill.
We're not focusing on what you can do but what you're willing to show up for, and what happens when you're on or past your edge. If you can stay quiet inside when you're there, the rest is cake.
We're coming together September 3-6 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The event will be held at the Drury Plaza Hotel, 2 blocks from the historic Plaza and Palace of the Governors. 

It's going to be a small group (18 maximum); I want the focus and container to be rock solid. There will be the energy of a group and lots of specific attention: my most trusted student will be assisting me (and you) throughout the workshop.
The workshop is $2000, payable in 1, 2, or 3 payments, completed before the workshop begins. 

Are you ready?
Let's do this... I'm In!

To finish, I'll quote something I wrote in my notes after I first announced the event to a small group of friends:

"Discover your own truth, find your own path. Nobody else's truths will do. The process is not taking in but uncovering, discovering, getting quiet enough, no matter how chaotic outside, to feel what you must do."

A short introduction to the workshop...

A few videos about  how I look at feeling and awareness...

A longer overview of the work.

Some useful perspective on how this terrain works in people.

What you will get:

  • Incredible support and personal attention throughout the workshop
  • A whole new level of comfort with challenge and intensity
  • Awareness and appreciation of who you are
  • Awareness of the resources available to you and within you in any situation
  • New dimensions of creativity, sensitivity, and intensity
  • Breakfast and Lunch included
  • Group lodging discounts

What you will not get:

  • Quick Fixes
  • A regurgitated curriculum
  • Somebody else’s answers
  • Something that falls apart as soon as you get home



"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller